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We are a marketing research company and we collect consumer opinions.  We conduct taste tests, individual interviews, and focus groups and we are always looking for diverse, opinionated people to participate in our research studies.

Research participants are always compensated for their time.  The cash amount you receive, if you qualify and participate in a study, depends on the type of research and the time it takes for you to participate.

We do not sell anything and we never release your personal information to any outside parties including the clients that we conduct research for.    Your information is kept completely confidential.

Most projects are conducted at our Sidco Drive facility, in the same building that once housed the Nashville School of Law.

If this sounds like something you would like to do, please fill out the form below. Please be careful to answer all questions - leaving anything unanswered could leave out essential information in selecting participants for specific projects.

Thank you,

Focus Nashville Team

Focus Nashville | Participant
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